Monday, March 7, 2011


Green Lantern, as never seen in SL before. Based on the forthcoming movie outfit, this realistic suit has it all...

Jacket, Pants, BOOTS AND Bulge...
SCULPTED parts - Gloves, ring, chest logo, belt and Jacket (back). Oh yes - AND the lantern

Green Lantern... When Superman just ISN"T enough :>

Okey Designs
Happy wearing!

CK Leather Pants - Unbuttoned

Okey's tribute to Calvin Klein. Truly magnificent textures. Leather pants with Snake skin inlays on the sides, a matching belt, zips at the back... L$ 199

Do I REALLY need to mention that the pants are sculpted... and the belt and buckle.. the belt holders.. the bulge... even the buttons on the opened bulge and the "Calvin Klien" badge at the back? I do? Ok. It is. There. I mentioned it. It is sculpted. Should I mention that we included free arm belts?

OKEY DESIGNS - To boldly go where.......

Superman - a Realisic one DOES exist in SL

A steal at L$299..... there is a Boy in all of us, WANTING to be Superman... So it better well BE affordable!

Indeed. I tell you NO lie... The PERFECT Superman Tribute for SL. No more terrible cape, notrocious boots, and let's not even GO to the failed attempts on that Inside -out Underpants,,,

This suit has it all... Including the bulge, cape and Boots... The cape... does as a real cape SHOULD... Moves WITH you, not THROUGH you...

OKEY DESIGNS - Happy wearing...